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Ashley & Christopher — Minted




Ashley  and Christopher

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Our Story

Ashley & Chris met through an infamous matchmaker, called Hinge at the end of January 2020. Their 4th date was on Friday March 13th, 2020 the weekend before almost everyone went into lockdown for Covid-19. Little did they know, come that following Monday, everyone was figuring out how to work from home & the world was talking about “who was in your bubble”. They went from the early stages of dating & getting to know each other, to spending A LOT of time together. They started learning how to cook (mostly Chris), playing cards, taking long walks, talking about everything & anything, drinking too much wine & watching too many movies (Sports were cancelled but eventually, Ashley found out just how big of an Eagles/Sixers/Phillies fan Chris really is!).

Two and half years after they met and dated through a pandemic, Chris proposed to Ashley on October 15th, 2022. They had plans to go to the Four Seasons for a drink, where Ashley thought that he was going to propose. To her surprise, Chris was ready to leave after one drink, and if you know anything about these two, they never leave anywhere after one drink. The Four Seasons was a decoy and shortly after leaving, Chris popped the question and asked Ashley to spend the rest of their lives together. They celebrated that night surrounded by their family and closest friends.

They cannot wait to celebrate their love with all of you in February!